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In this movies seeing the "actors" rehearsing highlights the lack of preparation that went into acting out the real characters in the movie. This takes my worst movie award away from Komodo, which is no easy feat. It is neither a porno nor a legitimate film and it gives them both a bad name. But, the dizzying way the extended video "erotic" scenes are added to what was probably a late night pay-cable release are very annoying and easy to fast-forward through without the sustained quality of, say, Rod Steele.

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Movies i want to watch. Okay, having found out that this WAS a soft core movie, I didn't necessarily turn it off and demand my money back.

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It also has Gabriella Hall who is hot. I will have to say the main actor trying NOT to spill the invisibility potion on himself is one of the most baffling acting jobs I've ever seen.

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My personal favorite part of the movie is the duck asking the bartender if he has any grapes. If you want to see the last vestiges of the softcore era before The Asylum took over with American raunch, this isn't bad. We do not store any content on our servers, we link to content provided by 3rd party sites. You know they must've had some money, because I think some of it is filmed overseas.

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wow..her name ?
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wow I love this doggy style. my hairy pussy is wet so I'm playing and watching ur movie
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