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This past weekend had been especially bad for her. She pulled up her nightie and slowly stroked and tickled her clitoris, imagining her son's thing twitching and throbbing against her leg as she spanked him.

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She'd said, "You know, when my Katy was doing poor in science I offered her more pocket money, or I'd ask her if there was a special outfit she wanted, and if at the end of term she did well I'd buy it for her. A perfectly innocent, everything act. Captivating solo model honies smoking strenuously in reality fucky-f... The sound she was hearing was his bed creaking.

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Her friend, Joan, had ventured she try a reward system. She had to hold onto the edge of the sink to prevent herself from falling down as her legs weakened.

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nice i'm wearing suntan shear to the waist panty hose and black mini and black flats so sexy ....
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