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Carole and I sat in lawn chairs and the four men sat on logs and stumps around the fire. So she tipped it up again and choked the rest of it down. All mouths dropped when this nude beauty walked back into the light of the fire. They all agreed that she looked better sitting than standing!

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They drank a toast to her outfit and encouraged her to drink up! When he did that, she acted like she had given up trying to stay modest and she stood up and took the skirt the rest of the way off and said, "There!

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With a determined look, she said, "What the hell... She gave me a long look and then said, "You really want this, don't you. Introductions were made all around and the two new guys, George and his teenage son, Ken, were equally impressed by the beautiful woman next to me. When she returned, I must have looked depressed because she whispered to me that she felt a draft and I knew she'd left her panties behind.

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ghadir at: 07.12.2018 08:28
Getting payed for some fun haha! For the right amount i'll bend over ?
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Dirty and sexy !!!!!!!!!!!!
bulkybulk at: 06.12.2018 07:17
Beautyfull boobs
ram_3082 at: 04.12.2018 06:38
she was born to lick ass
snakebabu at: 05.12.2018 10:43
thats the ass you fucking idot !
ramrao at: 09.12.2018 14:07
Just doesn't get any better. She owns this genre, period. If anyone sees anything better than this PLEASE PM me.
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