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The air around women's bodies is so thick with semiotic smoke that, if you're aware of the smoke, it's very difficult to generate eroticism there. Frequent discoveries for the newly female-bodied include exaggerated invocations which would horrify many feminists:

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Likewise, the romantic thrust of most slash narratives creates certain expectations in readers and writers yet the genderswap plot itself often doesn't easily lend itself to romantic narrative. Most dangerously, any attempt to negotiate same sex and opposite sex attraction while also changing the gender of the protagonists can quite easily lead to homophobic narratives where the female bodies are merely a conceit to get the slash pair together and yet the actual identity issues are not addressed at all. So why do I nevertheless want to redeem genderswap?

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In many cases, however, the stories engage in a surprisingly stereotyped understanding of the intersections of biology and gender. In addition, the erotic female body is very thick with domination and resistance.

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