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Conventional wisdom says that since LARPers would never be seen as sexually attractive, they must instead pretend to be a fuckable cartoon character. Rather than keeping their shameful role-playing a dark secret in their parents' basement, LARPers dress up and pretend to be their characters, occasionally in public venues. Unlike Paintball , Airsofters have no way of knowing when someone is hit, leaving it up to the person who was hit to "call" their hit. Try to find as many other "RP" accounts just like yours and friend request each one.

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Any of the role-playing games listed above can be turned into a LARP. Some Larpers, rather than turn 27, move out of their parents basement, and become a productive member of society decide that foam swords and face paint aren't hardcore enough and graduate on to "practice" what is now known of as "Historical European Martial Arts" where their years of online training and high functioning autism can let them argue IRL about the subtle uses of the Pflug guard while shit talking about those assholes upstate who use a different masters system.

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If you are a furry, take heed of the lesson of Munchie and Rain - always buy a return ticket. This is another great time to remind the Airsofter in question what exactly it is they are doing. They also let you instantly become a pedophile. Personal tools Not logged in Talk Contributions Log in.

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Personal tools Not logged in Talk Contributions Log in. Airsofters pride themselves in knowing that they rely on an honor system instead of requiring admins to check them for jizz stains. Airsofting is the act of either grown men wearing camo firing pellets at each other, Or spotty teenagers arguing about what brand of toy gun is the best.

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