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There are almost a couple attractive shots in this scene, even if the "blood" looked more like light pink Kool-Aid. Though a fairly attractive woman, once you've seen a few of these films you're already bored seeing her naked. Most of the film is filled with slow, dreamy sequences interconnected with shots out a car window, which are the only scenes the Countess speaks. Female Vampire shares many of the traits of Franco's earlier Vampyros Lesbos, i.

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No wonder Franco married her - she is incredibly beautiful. Of them all the "NC-17" is by far the best; the weaker versions are to dry and the hardcore version features explicit footage obviously spliced in from a different film. While I liked the movie for it's sleaze and sex scenes, I found it disappointing on the whole because the story was incredibly weak and too many of the sex scenes weren't erotic enough. I was most disappointed in that.

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Countess Irina Karlstein Lina Romay often feeds from her male suitors as they are ejaculating! You can say that her victims would go willingly even if they knew the final outcome. And that is about it.

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