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He said I know and I have no intention of leaving. He quietly asked me to stay and go for a swim. I could feel the warmth in my flushed cheeks as my breathing became palpated and my heart rate increased. Our hands wandered and soon we were standing on our towels kissing, our naked bodies entwined with each other his large warm shaft pressing against my tummy.

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I needed to be filled up by him immediately. So as the coffee brewed I ran home grabbed my laptop and the new Lora Leigh novel, Wild Card, and was out the door again. Although I was on vacation I couldn't just sun bathe and skinny-dip all day.

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On the counter, I found a plastic glass filled it to the top with the white spirit. They are copyright protected and may be linked to but not copied elsewhere. I fought for breath between my clenched teeth, as my pussy tightened around the Lelo and I moaned audibly as orgasm exploded within me. I panicked some before I remembered it was only Sunday and he was not due back until Monday.

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I drug in a steadying breath as I rolled onto my elbow and reached for the nightstand. I had never seen a porn movie and had always been curious. I rummaged through his neatly organized kitchen drawers, found a corkscrew, and opened the wine. Relieved, I exhaled, lay back, and reflected on the monotony that defined my personal life since I threw my affair-loving ex out nine months ago.

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